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by Odessa Jeffers (2020-09-05)

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People who have their profession as the workers in the vessels that are registered as per the Panamanian Flags are required to have a Certificate of Competency (CoC) by Panama. This certificate is given by another Flag-State, and in order to get the CoC / CDC of Panama the mariner workers require a Panamanian Seaman Discharge Book. For obtaining the Full Term CoC there are many criteria. If you are thinking of making a career in Marines you will definitely find the below mentioned details regarding Panama CoC valuable. So before we begin, we must tell you that Certificate of Competency is one of the most prestigious ones in the marine industry. There are many reasons why the Panama CoC / CDC stands out and the main reasons are mentioned below. So scroll down and check out:

  • Having a Marine License or panama CDC / CoC is considered as the best prospect for the graduate marine students in order to look for the first job. It is also a valuable certificate for the existing officers and mariners working on different sectors and fields who want to take a leap in their career by expanding their job prospects within the marine industry.
  • Panama is one such place which has the largest number of registered ships throughout the world.
  • If you get the Panamanian license, you get the recognition worldwide.
  • With the Certificate of Competency from Panama there are better chances of finding new opportunities it gives more weight to your resume and makes the task of job finding easy with plenty of opportunities.
  • You get better job openings as fresher and if you are an officer or experienced in the field with a Certificate of Competency you get amazing breakthroughs.
  • The Certificate of Competency from Panama is one of the mandatory requirements that are a must as per the international seafarers jobs and in order to be eligible to get employment onboard Panamanian flagged ships that is one of the biggest registry all over the world.
  • Panama offers great opportunity to build a career in marine and there are amazing job opportunities that can offer the best salaries and if you are a competent surfer with the Certificate of Competency from Panama, you get the perfect chance to make your career a perfect hit with amazing salary package.
  • Panama CDC / CoC comes under the A Category which is a prestigious one in the International Maritime Organization, tour thác bản giốc and Panama has the nobility of having the majority of ships registered below its flag.
  • Having the prestigious "A category" accreditation among the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) got a prestigious award for holding the maximum number of ships in its flag. This is something really admiring and tour thác bản giốc từ hà nội makes it a reliable choice to work in Panama Marines.
  • With Panama CDC or Panama CoC you get the boost and enhancement right from the beginning of a career and if you are looking for the opportunities of becoming officers under Panama Flags, you will get the maximum benefits.

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