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Luxury Nepal Holiday Tours - All - Year Round

by Sung Tunbridge (2020-09-06)

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Many travelers have been asking me when is the best time to visit Nepal?
Can Nepal visited year all-round? The answer to these questions is yes, Nepal is all-year destination. However, I also advise to choose the destination as per the traveling month.

October till December (Autumn Season) and March till May (Spring Season)

These are the peak tourist seasons in Nepal.

Indeed, this is the best time to visit Nepal if you are looking for traveling Nepal for adventure activities such as trekking or white water rafting. Furthermore, if you are opting scenic luxury holiday package in Nepal, this is definitely the ideal time to visit.

Autumn is also known as dry season starts after completion of monsoon.

With monsoons recently finished, the county side and various famous destinations in Nepal are green and lust and Nepal's beauty is at its best.

The spring season is another great time when the mountain views are supplemented by wild flowers and Rhododendrons are in bloom.

Places To Visit If You Are Traveling Nepal During Peak Seasons

If you have decided to travel during peak tourist season, firstly make your bookings one month prior to your arrival in Nepal. Peak tourist in Nepal welcomes a large number of tourists.
Hence, if you fail to book in advance, you might go through the problems of overbooking in the hotel.

Hence an advance preparation is required if you are deciding to traveling Nepal during peak season.

It is called a peak season for a reason. During these months of the year all the destinations are equally charming.

However, do not forget to miss out this destination in your Nepal tour itinerary:

1. Pokhara

Naturally gifted Pokhara is one of the best destinations in Nepal not to be missed. Blessed with emerald lake, close proximity to mountains, fresh air, Pokhara ranks as number one destination to visit when you are traveling Nepal during these peak seasons.
Matter of fact, the main reason for visiting Pokhara is to view the beautiful mountains, chill out at the lakeside appreciating the beauty of the lakes. Hence, it is obvious the traveling Pokhara during Peak season has several advantages.



Tucked in at close proximity to Kathmandu, Nagarkot is a fanatical place for nature lovers. Famous for hồ ba bể the views of the Himalayan range, sunrise and sunset it is one of the best destination to include in your luxury Nepal tour itinerary.

During these times you may plan for adventurous activities such as trekking in Annapurna region or Everest region.
You may also try rafting in the white waters of Nepal.

December and January (winter season)

These months are very cold. Hence, high altitude trekking is not recommended during these two months of the year. Here are places which you may include in your Nepal tour package if you are traveling Nepal during this time of the year:

Places To Visit If You Are Traveling Nepal During Winter Season 1.


Due to only one international air terminal in Nepal. Every Nepal tour package will start from Kathmandu. However, during winters you may plan to stay number of days in this biggest metropolitan capital of Nepal. Also, a cultural hub of the country you may visit various World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu.
Kathmandu homes 7 of the 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites of the country.

2. Chitwan National Park

One of the best places to visit in Nepal during winter is Chitwan National Park. This park is one of the best preserved wildlife reserves in Asia.

Further, you may indulge in various jungle activities such as elephant back safari, jungle walks, canoe ride, thác bản giốc visit of tribal village etc.;

June till September (Monsoon)

If you are visiting Nepal to view mountains and landscape, monsoon is not the best time.

However, if you are interested in cultural tours monsoons will also be a good time to visit. We recommend Kathmandu tour. You may walk around the narrow alleys and beautiful courtyard of the old Kathmandu town. You may visit various World Heritage Sites.

Please note, it will not rain throughout the day during monsoons.

Hence it will not be a problem getting around Kathmandu. However, you should carry raincoats or umbrellas if you are travelling Nepal during these months of the year.

Bibek Raj Adhikari | Managing Director

Kalikaistan 29, Kalika Marg
Kathmandu, Nepal

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