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Useful Things To Know Before Traveling Nepal

by Eugenio Nunan (2020-09-07)

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Traveling Nepal will always be a rewarding experience. However, traveling can be even more fulfilling if you indulge in the below activities during your Nepal tour.

Here we provide you some tips that can make your next Nepal trip a better experience than the last.

Make A Day Trip

If you are traveling Nepal for a short time than make the best out of it. Make it a point to arrange a day trip to a nearby town. Sometimes, the package tours do not include any of the spots, which are equally worth visiting. These spots may be few hour drive from the city. Furthermore, consider trips to local museums and gallery to understand the history and culture of Nepal.

Talk To The Locals

Usually when you are traveling Nepal, there will be the list of places that you would like to visit. Further, to find the best spots, you've probably done your research on the internet and found the best places in Nepal in Google. However, you will sometimes have to do a little more digging and find the lesser known sites and attractions. Having a conversation with the locals will open a whole new perspective of the place and they will be more than glad to suggest you unique and less explored areas that you will not find in the guidebooks or on the internet.

Be Spontaneous

It's not always good to have a tight or rigid itinerary. Be prepared to deviate from it. Do not make a strict itinerary. Being spontaneous can really spice things us when you are traveling Nepal. Your tour plans might change depending upon who you meet, the weather conditions, and other factors beyond your control. Hence. you shouldn't make a rigid itinerary. This will not make allowance for last-minute changes. Remind yourself this not knowing where you will end up is one of the most expects of traveling.

Try Local Cuisine

One of the things you should do when you are on Nepal tour is sample mysterious local cuisines. There is a lot you can tell about the culture of a place by its food. Furthermore, the food cooked in the local places or by street vendors is far more reflective of the actual food culture than those restaurants that caters to tourists. Hence, if you are willing to sample new food a little, you are more likely to encounter new flavors that you never knew existed.

Learn Local Words and Phrases

Learn some of the local words like: Namaste - Hello!, Dhanyabad - Thank You!, Dal Bhat - Rice, Vegetables, thác bản giốc and lentils !, Kasto chha?- How's it?/ How are you?, Mitho chha - It's tasty!, Feri Bhetaula - See you again!. Learning these commonly used words is obviously essential. Impress. or perhaps amuse, the locals by learning some of the complicated Nepali phrases. Such as ordering a cup of tea or coffee, or asking direction. You will find around getting around and making local friends is so much easier this way. It's always great fun to learn a new skill. Furthermore, learning the local language will help you to gain a deeper understanding of Nepal's culture.Furthermore, learning the local language will help you to gain a deeper understanding of Nepal's culture.

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