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Katy Perry risks a parking fine as she uses disabled spot

by Wendell Hersh (2020-09-11)

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She looks ready to welcome her first child with actor Orlando Bloom any day now. 

Understandably, it seems Katy Perry doesn't want to be too far from a getaway vehicle should she go into labor.  

However, the Smile singer risked a $250 fine on Saturday, as she parked her Porsche Cayenne GTS in a disabled parking space at a shopping center in Santa Barbara while out shopping solo. 

Taking precautions: Pregnant Katy Perry risked a fine by parking in a disabled spot at a shopping mall in Santa Barbara on Saturday... and was also seen carrying pepper spray 

Katy, 35, was not taking any chances for her solo trip either, as she was once again seen carrying a small can of pepper spray, only this time it was tucked into her cleavage. 


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Dressed in a tight-fitting stripey maternity dress, the pop icon seemed to be on a mission as she dashed to the shops while leaving her car parked in the disabled bay. 

Katy was taking the necessary precautions as she ventured out by herself, seemingly without and security by her side. 

Not taking any chances: The pop star was seen with a small can of pepper spray tucked into her cleavage for the solo trip out 

Special treatment? Katy was seen parking in the disabled bay of the shopping center

Precious cargo: Katy, 35, was seen wearing a tight-fitting stripey dress for the outing

That's not say Katy hasn't been enjoying herself and having a bit of fun with her pregnancy lately. 

The 13-time Grammy nominee had fans laughing, and a little bit concerned, when she took part in the dancing car viral challenge, filmed by fiance Orlando over the weekend. 

At the beginning of the clip, Katy seemed relaxed in her grey sweats, as she sat in the passenger seat, while Orlando, 43, asked: 'Yo honey, what day is it?'

Referencing popular TikTok personality Mufasa, someone enthusiastically said: 'It's Friday then.'

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