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Migrate a SharePoint Team Wiki to an Enterprise Wiki

by Alexis Timmons (2020-02-20)

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An Enterprise Wiki (EW) refers to a publishing site that offers updating and sharing huge volumes of information within an organization. In case an organization requires a centralized, large knowledge repository which is designed to both share as well as store information over an organizational scale, the use of EW can be considered. They make use of the Enterprise Wiki site template, developed over the publishing infrastructure of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. This particular infrastructure makes room for a number of means for controlling content. For instance, permissions can be assigned or workflows may be used for establishment of an approval procedure.

The EW Site template can be leveraged for the creation of sub-sites or site collections. The site created through this template is focused on the content. The "Pages" Library is the main component of the site. Again, there is the "Wiki Page Library" list template. It has the potential to host wiki pages and can be utilized to create various kinds of sites. In fact, Wiki Library list template serves as the default pages library for the "Team Site" template.

Planning for an Enterprise Wiki
Before implementation of an EW, the concerned organization must determine whether it is the right solution. It is a perfect solution when the business is in need of manifold users for contribution to the knowledge repository. But in case a means to establish one-to-many communication regarding an area of interest or a project is required, a Team Site should be preferably used.

While deciding whether to go for it, the following things should be considered:

Purpose to be served: It should have a clear-cut purpose. For tour yên tử instance, a particular business goal can be addressed or it can be a centralized knowledge body regarding particular business problems, processes or topics. The aim is to offer a space wherein members belonging to a virtual community can remove, change or create content, including content created by previous authors. However, in case you need to have a knowledge exchange means that is more structured where one-to-many communication is mostly used, a blog or a team site comprising Web Edit facility can be used.

Number of users who would be contributing: A number of factors influence this decision. These are- whether there is potential to support enhanced growth coupled with the need for enhanced server and network capacity, whether legal consideration regarding contribution are there, whether key contributors from each business area should be determined.

Control of EW access: tour yên tử Ideally, each member of the organization should have access to update, edit or contribute content. In case there is the need for information separation with respect to groups, blog or team site with Web edit can be used.

Implementation of control over content: Blogs are designed in order to provide structured knowledge exchange while a wiki makes room for informal contributions. However, there are requirements and guidelines with respect to an organization for handling of particular content regarding specific subjects. Addressing inaccurate or inappropriate entries can also be considered.
Before creation of an Enterprise Wiki, the following tasks must be completed:

In order to provide storage for notes and social tags, a Managed Metadata serve application should be created.

For the management of the site collection wherein the EW is located, administrator our chùa yên tử permission pertaining to site collections must be there.

A User Profile Service Application must be developed in case the EW is intended to be used with My Sites.
Migration of Wiki Library
The following methods may be followed for migration:

The Enterprise Wiki may be linked to the existing Wiki library without moving the same. In this case, navigation must be well structured.

This involves linking to the existing Wiki Library. Here, the entire library is moved or copied to the EW site. This facilitates links to other pages and lists because they belong to the same site always.

Old wiki pages can be migrated into new EW Pages. This implies copying the wiki page content within the "Page Content" field. This can be manually done but may take a long period of time.

Migrating to Enterprise Wiki may indeed prove beneficial for your organization. The steps should be carefully followed and it should be properly done to ensure maximum success.

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