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Rich Text Editor - Choosing The Best Ones For Multiple Documents

by Alexis Timmons (2020-02-24)

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At present, there are numerous web applications available for users to share multiple types of information. Some blogs allow the readers to post comments; email clients are entirely web-based, while the social wiki sites allow people to submit revisions and more. All these facilities are possible because of the oldest HTML element, tour yên tử known as the

. The form is provided through the HTTP protocol to the server. The individual items like the text fields and the text areas are processed on the server. As a default process, the form is submitted like a plain text. But that is not the right way of expressing any formatting or styles of the content. Here is where the rich text editor comes into play. For instance, if you want to emphasize certain words and type the text in a particular area, there is no way to make a few words stand out, or use a different font. With the advancement in technology, modern word processors have numerous formatting options. The ability to have content appear as the final formatting is known as "what you see is what you get" existed on the desktop for a pretty long time. The rich text editor is a standard that is "enhanced" with DHTML and JavaScript for offering formatting, editing, and ensuring functionality. For instance, while sending an email, a lot of senders change the text style into RTE format.

If you choose the advanced text editor format, then you can use different fonts, headings, margins, foreground colors, background colors, and many other styles that they are submitting. With a cross-browser, cross-platform editor, the rich text editor format offers much better quality and compatibility for all the major browsers like Firefox and chrome. It not only supports chrome, Mozilla, internet explorer, and opera mini, but it also includes Linux and Macintosh.

With this text editor, you will be able to have clean XHTML that is compliant with the web standards and tour ba vàng no deprecated tags. Most of the editors are javascript wrappers that are created around the editing control built within browsers like the MSHTML control found in IE. These editors have significant limitations. In contrast, the rich text editor is created from the ground up for being the real XHTML editor on its own.

The rich text editor is small in size, and it is fast. Most of the WYSIWYG editors suffer from time-consuming loading times because of the javascript files. On the other hand, the rich text editors will load only the necessary scripts to the client browsers. Numerous optimization methods are applied. It is clean, compact, and swift, but still powerful and efficient.

With the help of this text editor format, you will be able to insert clean HTML from Microsoft Word. When the text is pasted from Microsoft Word, there are a lot of unnecessary words specific markup is carried throughout. It can result in multiple web pages that take unnecessary time to download. With the help of "paste from word," this issue can be resolved.

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