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The New Year is coming! All kinds of summaries for 2009 and predictions of 2010 come into view at this season

by Mona Neumayer (2020-04-14)

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The New Year is coming! All kinds of summaries for 2009 and predictions of 2010 come into view at this season. Education, one of the most important focuses, has certainly becomes the hot topic. For example, Jeanne Meister, author of the New Learning Playbook blog, wrote a prediction post on the five words to describe corporate learning in 2010. Have you ever noticed these hot discussions? Here we will show the top 5 E-learning Topics in 2009 and the Education technology trends prediction in 2010 to teachers, tour sapa từ hà nội students and anyone who cares the education issue.

Top 5 E-learning Topics in 2009:

1. Twitter
Twitter shows its great energy in 2009. This community comes as the innovative learning and communication channel for people.
Tips: 29 Interesting Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom

2. Social Learning/Informal learning
Social media and networks are used in this kind of e-learning. Groups of individuals are using these new tools to collaborate and co-create content and generally work and learn together.
Tips: Measuring Social Learning

3. Google Wave

Google Wave is hotly discussed in the E-learning trends conference. It has b potential to support powerful new models for social learning.

Tips: Google Wave in Education

4. SharePoint
SharePoint can be used to host Websites that access shared workspaces, information stores and documents, as well as host defined applications such as wikis and blogs.
Tips: tour sapa từ hà nội Using SharePoint: eLearning Technology

5. Video
Video is the great element to make our learning alive. The online video sharing sites also encourage people to use and make videos for learning.
Tips: Top 10 Videos that Inspire US to Rethink the Way We Learn

Top 5 Education technology trends prediction in 2010:

1. EBooks will continue to proliferate.
EBook readers aren't going to replace traditional textbooks anytime soon, but it won't be long before someone adapts eBooks out of the consumer space and makes textbooks available on these portable devices.

2. Notebook functionality will grow.
Netbooks, known as relatively new category of small, light, minimalist and cheap laptops, have been quite popular throughout schools in US and are predicted to be more popular in 2010.

3. More teachers will use interactive whiteboards.
Interactive whiteboard allows teachers and students to work together easily. They have been used in a variety of situations such as in classrooms at all levels of education, training rooms , corporate board rooms, etc. and this trends will continue and even become hotter.

4. Personal devices will infiltrate the classroom.
The personal devices like iPod, and smart phone bring great convenience to the students. Some experts predict that these wireless, portable personal devices will be used more and the younger generation will also join in the user group in 2010.

5.Online testing will show its power.
The society pursues efficiency and speed more than ever. Online testing and assessment through making a Flash quiz or online quiz must be more frequently used in exams as well as evaluations.

The summary of 2009 is helpful for us to know the gains & loses and also the development of the education industry. You can learn the useful tips and technologies in Education to make your own teaching or study more efficient. As for the relating predictions, do you think they will come true? Let's look for the answer in 2010 together.

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