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The best herbal teas to help you relax

by Kassie Blaze (2020-04-16)

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It has been said that there's little that can't be solved by a cup of tea.

Herbal teas, in particular those that feature Valerian root, chamomile and lavender, are a great natural remedy for those that need a little help relaxing. 

Modern research has backed up herbal teas' ability to help you doze off. So whether you are struggling to switch off in the evenings or are in need a comforting cuppa, making a tea with one of the blends below is a great place to start. 

From flowery blends to herbal remedies and the increasingly popular CBD, these are the best herbal teas to help you relax.  

OFFBLAK Down Time - Blueberry & Mint Herbal Tea 12 Tea Bags, £4. For those who have almost any inquiries about where and also how to utilize We are a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of the highest quality Golden CBD Oil products on the market. We also sell direct to the public too through our online store., you are able to e mail us with our own page. 99

What could be more relaxing than being transported to a beach in Morocco?

Well, with the Offblak Down Time tea made with zesty blueberry and calming mint, you are halfway there. Expertly crafted with natural ingredients like Rooibos, apple pieces, hibiscus, spearmint and bilberry, this is a bold, tasty tea that's ideal for when you want to relax and switch off.  

We also recommend drinking this with ice for a refreshing brew this summer. 

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Hatters CBD Infused Tea Blends Chamomile CBD Tea 20x Bags, £14.99 (was £19.99)

CBD has been proven to help with sleep issues, anxiety and allergies in a holistic, medication-free manner. 

If you are keen to test out the relaxing benefits of CBD then why not try it in a tea? Hatters Hemp Tea contains a calming combination of CBD rich hemp and whole leaf chamomile designed to help calm and relax while gently transitioning into sleep. 

The naturally earthy notes of hemp have been artfully blended with the delicate flavours of chamomile for the perfect pre-bedtime drink.

Buy now on Holland & Barret  

Whittard Sleepy Tea 20 Envelope Teabags, £5

Mellow and softly sweet, Whittards Sleepy Tea is the perfect brew to drink after a stressful day. Made with the long-reputed calming effects of chamomile, lavender and the subtle freshness of linden flowers, this is a reliably excellent tea.  

Leave to brew for three to five minutes for the perfect lullaby in a mug.

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Pukka Organic Relax Herbal Tea Sachets x20, 40g, £3 

Take a moment to relax and reflect with a cup of Pukka Organic Herbal Tea.  

Made with organic chamomile flower to help you to unwind, as well as fennel seed and ginger to ease digestion, this is a great tea to help center yourself no matter the time of day. Naturally caffeine-free, this brew can be sipped on just before bed without fear of being kept awake. 

Savour when you need a moment of stillness. 

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Teapigs Calm - Relaxing Tea 15 bags, £4.49

Valerian is one of the most popular herbal sleep aids in Europe. 

Drunk for centuries for its calming, relaxing properties, it is a good way to relieve stress and anxiety. Teapigs have harnessed the natural calming abilities of the root and infused it with lemon balm and chamomile for a citrusy, sweet floral taste. 

One of the Teapigs Feel Good range, this is a great option to help encourage calmness.

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Nipper&Co Sip 'N' Snore Sleep Easy Tea 16 Bags, £8.97

Strongly believing in the power of nature, Nipper&Co is a premium organic herbal infusion and tea brand.

The Sip 'N' Snore Sleep Easy Tea has been created for when counting sheep just won't cut it. The 16 whole leaf pyramids feature a naturally caffeine-free relaxing blend crafted with chamomile, linden Blossom, elderflower, Valerian Root lavender and calendula petals.  

With a sweet chamomile taste and gentle herbal undertones, it is sure to help you relax and unwind.

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Teapigs Happy Herbal Tea, £4.15 

For an uplifting leafy infusion any time of day Teapigs Happy Herbal Tea is here to help. Made with the citrus-scented aromatic lemon balm known for its qualities in reducing stress, it is a helpful way to give you a little moment to yourself and supporting your wellbeing. 

The turmeric and apple add a lovely flavour. 

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Dr Stuarts Valerian Plus 15 Tea Bags, £2.49 

Dr Stuart was one of the first highly qualified scientists in recent times to widely support and promote the many beneficial values of plants and herbs. 

Named after 'The Father of Modern Herbalism', Dr Stuarts teas explore the beneficial properties of herbs. 

Dr Stuarts Valerian Plus tea bags have been made with a blend of valerian, lime flowers and hops to make a relaxing nighttime drink. Designed to be drunk up to one hour before bed, this is the perfect way to end the day and lull you in to a peaceful sleep

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