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Designing with Marge Carson Furniture

by Janie Cahill (2020-05-23)

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Marge Carson is one of America's largest, oldest furniture companies that is privately owned. From the beginning, in 1947, the California manufacturer has set itself apart with a discerning eye, attention to detail, and solid craftsmanship. Marge Carson describes their look as decidedly elegant yet casual. The company has the ability to customize accents, finishes, fabrics, and leathers, making Marge Carson furniture even more special to the luxury home owner. Each piece is protected by copyright and patent registrations so you know you have a one-of-a-kind item. Their designs are only available through select luxury furniture stores.


In a Marge Carson bedroom, a large bed wrought from dark wood grabs the attention at the center of the room. The mattress is flanked on both sides by end tables made in the same type of wood. These tables bear matching lamps that rest beside carefully chosen accessories. The bedroom offers plenty of opportunities to rest your feet on luxurious upholstered chairs.

Dining Room

If there is one thing Marge Carson likes in the dining room, it is additional storage. That is why the dining sets include china cupboards that bear resemblance to the traditional dining area. Geometric patterns rendered in monotone hues pop out from unexpected places, such as the Marc Carson chairs and rug. A heavy table bears a simple bouquet of blossoms.

Living Room

The California inspired designs of the Marge Carson collection suit the casualness of the living room effortlessly. In the living room, many interior designers start out with a sofa or thác bản giốc loveseat in a neutral color. Be sure to pile seating high with throw pillows draped in rich fabrics and adorable accents. You can bring definition to the seating area by placing it around a large rug.


Defy the typical notion of the boring desk with a Marge Carson table rendered in a modern yet traditional design from metal and glass. You will be able to get more work done at night by placing an elegant lamp on top of the hard surface. Have fun with the seating by combining elements of simplicity and extravagance, such as a golden bamboo folding chair.

Since their start in post-World War II times, Marge Carson furniture has helped define California traditional decorating. That is why their designs are so readily available from many Orange County furniture stores. For the ultimate collision of style and comfort, seek out Marge Carson designs at high end furniture stores across the country.

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