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The 4 Functions of Prayer for Experiencing the Presence of God

by Alina Decker (2020-05-20)

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PRAYER would be the observe of speaking with God - us with God or God with us, or both. In two proportions was prayer made: 1) to adore God for who he is, and a couple of) to thank God with praise for what he has done. What we insert to prayer is our have requires; to confess our sin and also to ask for God's aid.

Healing Prayer1.jpgListed here, down below, will be the A.C.T.S. prayer, using the abovementioned attributes, which can be the completion of prayer:

ADORATION - for who God is.

CONFESSION - for who we have been, and for what we do and have done.

THANKSGIVING - with praise, for what God does and it has carried out.

SUPPLICATION - for what we would like God to carry out.


As prayer is usually a move of communication between us to God - and equally as significantly regarding the Holy Spirit's revelation in and thru us - it truly is about offering to God.

We are privileged to adore God and get the blessing of joy.

We're blessed to confess and also to experience miracle healing prayer due our trustworthy humility.

We're blessed with pleasure, once again, inside the actuation of thanksgiving with praise.

Then we've been correctly positioned for making our plea, the very best of that are both for others' support and healing, or for our individual expansion and improvement amid acceptance.

The movement inside the standard A.C.T.S. prayer is a single account of offering what's to start with because of: adoration. Adoration is nice for us. The subsequent account is among confessing our sin or have to have of brokenness. Equally types of confession are a person and the similar to God. The third account is, once more, the simple recognition of what is the nature of God: to provide thanksgiving of praise. The ultimate account is then fitting: seeking the assistance we or other folks require.

ADORATION - is about God and is also pointed towards God.

CONFESSION - is about us but is pointed towards God.

THANKSGIVING - is about God and is also pointed towards God.

SUPPLICATION - is about us and/or other individuals but is pointed towards God.

The purposes of prayer for savoring the Existence of God, as a result, are about orientations of truth of the matter.

Truths in Prayer: We are contacting God for who he is - being adored, thanked and praised. We're contacting ourselves for who we have been - sinners in need of preserving; damaged individuals which has a require of restoration.

From these truths emanate the warrant of in search of God's favour as a result of supplication.

The first a few actions of adoration, confession and thanksgiving simply get ready the heart to create a plea of fact.

Prayer in truth entreats the Existence of God. We are able to you should definitely be listened to whenever we are sincere.

We gain the right to wish for support, when, by adoration, confession and thanksgiving, we have honoured very first these initial 3 essential truths.

Prayer during the Presence of God consists of the bravery for being honest.

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