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In 1947, the Rover Company created the Land Rover following the aftermath of the globe War II because of the shortage of raw materials and since their original manufactory in Coventry was destroyed

by Kandi Willmott (2020-05-23)

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In 1947, the Rover Company created the Land Rover following the aftermath of the globe War II because of the shortage of raw materials and since their original manufactory in Coventry was destroyed. They then planned to form a tiny low economical automobile for agricultural and military use that many decades later became one in all the foremost wanted four wheel drive within the trade. But Land Rover wasn't the primary to be within the race, their chief designer Maurice Wilkes followed the idea of Willy's land rover, and when a couple of months of failing plans and scrapped prototypes they've finally a vehicle that surpassed the Jeep's capabilities. Production at once started later in 1947 lead by engineer Arthur Robert Hutchings Goddard.


Series I - the primary automobile in production, it had been originally designed for farm and lightweight industrial use and had a steel box chassis and aluminum body.

Series II - Improved automobile style, sinusoidal facet windows and rounded roof that continues to be the planning used for its trendy counterparts, and therefore the 1st to use the two.25L fuel engine.

Series IIA - a similar style because the Series II however options a two.25L diesel motor.

Series IIA Forward management - the primary Land Rover export sort vehicle, mounting the cab over the engine to own more room at the rear.

Series IIB Forward management - kind of like the IIA Forward management however used a two.6L diesel motor associated fitted with an improved significant duty wide-track axles for higher stability.

Series III - Same engine and body and small cosmetic changes, however is that the 1st Land Rover feature system on four gears and additionally has improved engine power. most typical Series vehicle with around 440,000 engineered and therefore the one millionth vehicle made by the corporate was a Series III.

Stage One V8 - engineered mistreatment a similar parts as Series III and Forward management it's made of the primary stage of investment by the British Government to enhance the Land Rover. Its enhancements created it the primary Series III vehicle to own a permanent four wheel drive, thác bản giốc and in a while gave birth to the Land Rover ninety and 110)


Defender - at the start known as Land Rover ninety and one hundred ten that mirrored its one hundred ten in. and ninety three in. distance. It featured progressive mechanisms as well as a coil springs, modernized interior and a permanent four wheel drive system and additionally a 4-cylinder engine that in a while was upgraded to a turbo diesel engine.

Range Rover - a luxury sort cross-country vehicle that is that the flagship model and in a while became a separate name however continues to be below Land Rover. Discovery - introduced in 1989, this vehicle has undergone four generations with improvement on its engine and cosmetics on every generation.Freelander - a compact auto vehicle and is currently on its second generation it differs from the opposite SUV as a result of it uses a monologue structure instead of the normal body-on frame style


Sport - started production in 2005 and additionally on its second generation that featured a supercharged four.2L all-aluminum big cat AJ-V8 engine, cross joined air suspension and therefore the Land Rover proprietary tract Response System.Evoque - the most recent vary Rover model and may be a compact crossover utility vehicle (CVU), production started in 2011 and was created to satisfy needs for lower dioxide emissions and fuel economy. Ever since its creation, thác bản giốc Land Rover has undergone completely different ownerships, the Rover Company was bought by BMW in 1994 and later in 2000 the Land Rover was sold one by one by BMW to Ford and in 2008 Tata Motors purchased big cat Motors and Land Rover from Ford. For more details please visit website

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