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Got Something To Haul, Try A Ford Ranger

"Mitchel" (2020-04-14)

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First coming on the scene in 1983, tour sapa 2 ngày 1 đêm the Ford Ranger was Ford's choice to replace the Ford Courier. The Courier was a Mazda product that carried Ford's branding. Since 1983, the Ranger has been produced each model year and remains one of Ford's popular vehicles among sales, although sales have dropped in recent years.

Although the bed of the Ranger is smaller than the standard sized Ford F-150, the design was originally made so that a four foot sheet of plywood would fit inside the bed. The sheet will have to ride on top of the wheel wells, but it will fit.

The cab of the Ranger is designed to hold two passengers comfortably. Some of the extended models have jump seats that will allow a third or fourth passenger to sit facing sideways behind the driver and passenger seats. While the jump seats are small they provide adequate seating for children or small adults. Thus, the Ranger can be a four person vehicle that will also carry four foot sheets of plywood.

The Ranger has proven to be a successful truck for Ford. This model has been produced for over twenty five years and is still a strong seller. The Ranger is now in its forth generation. As the larger F series trucks have changed body styles, the Ranger has mimicked those styles.

For a truck, the Ranger get comparatively better fuel mileage than its larger counterparts. This makes the small truck popular for tour sapa từ hà nội commuters that want to drive a truck but need the economy of the Ranger.

Currently, the Ford offers a 2. 3 liter or 4. 0 liter engine in the Ranger. For several years, the Ranger was available with a V-6 engine, although that was discontinued in 2009.

Today's Ranger is one of the few small trucks that are being built. Both Toyota and Dodge have increased the size of their former small sized trucks to the midsize range, leaving the Ranger as the only option in today's market.

Ford mad the decision a few years ago to spend advertising dollars on the Explorer series rather than the Ranger a few years ago, and the result has been that sales of the Ranger have been lagging. Promises from Ford are that the Ranger will be produced until the 2012 model year. This, in part is due to the demands for better fuel economy.

The Ranger has proved to be a popular vehicle for Ford for over twenty five years. The fuel economy for a truck has been appreciated by many owners. Engine sizes have grown over the years, but as Americans become more concerned about fuel economy, they have started to decrease once again. Fortunately, the newer engines offer more power with less engine displacement and even better fuel economy.

The Ranger has been a popular truck for Ford for many years. It has offered economy along with the ability to haul items in a small truck. The engine sizes have slowly increased and now have once again began to decrease. Newer engine styles offer as much or more power with the smaller engines. With the uncertainty in the automaker's future, it is hoped that Ford can continue to offer the Ford Ranger until it is able to offer other models to replace this good little truck.

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