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The best Christmas gifts for homebodies

by Raymon Yoo (2020-07-09)

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Many of us go into hibernation mode in winter, curling up in big cosy blankets and keeping warm with endless cups of hot chocolate and tea. 

If that's you or you know somebody who loves to stay at home surrounded by their creature comforts, there are lots of gift ideas to help homebodies feel even more snug.

From candles and blankets to bubble bath essentials, here are eight items to gift that person in your life who's truly content within the four walls of their home.

There's just something about wrapping up in a blanket that's instantly relaxing.

drawing-pad-for-kids-190109142316-thumbnThe Winthome fleece blanket is made for ultimate snuggling potential thanks to the sleeves that mean the wearer's chest and neck are always warm while giving them the ability to move their arms.

Even better, the recipient can bury their toes in its foot pocket to feel cosy all over.
There's also a front pocket to store anything they may need like a mobile phone and snacks.

The blanket is a one size fits all and it's machine washable on a cold setting.


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The ergonomically designed Bosign tray gives your homebody pal even fewer reasons to leave their bed as it can be used for eating meals or for working on a laptop.

With the combination of the soft, adjustable cushion and perfectly proportioned tray, the design combines comfort and practicality.

The pillow cover can easily be removed and washed in cold water if there are any spillages.

Should they need to work or check social media, the multifunctional tray and pillow will disperse the heat from their laptop so they can surf the net in style.

Creating the right ambience in a home is an art form but this luxury candle set will help your pal to discover what fragrance they like most.

The Berries candle is scented with floral rose blossom and balanced with blackcurrant leaves.

The Fig Tree candle recalls the tree's warm bark along with its sweet fruit and crisp green leaves. Green and fresh, the Lily of the Valley candle oozes summer vibes, while the Amber candle delivers a spicier blend of musk and balsam. Finally, the Verbena candle offers a zesty and enlivening perfume enhanced with lemon verbena leaves.

If you already know it's pointless trying to persuade your homebody pal to go out, make their home more cosy with an iconic Let's Stay Home sign. It perfectly encapsulates what they love the most.

Neon lights aren't traditionally energy efficient but this one uses a specially designed solution that replaces traditional glass neon signage by using a combination of flexible neon tubing and light-emitting diodes.

This means it has an average lifespan of circa 40,000 - 50,000 hours and can reduce energy consumption by 70-90 per cent compared to traditional glass neon. Eco-friendly and eye-catching.

Bring the spa home with a stylish bamboo bathtub caddy that allows your friend to enjoy a good book, watch a movie on a tablet and sip a glass of wine while in the tub.

The caddy is extendable to fit all sizes of bath and your chum won't have to worry about dropping things in the water thanks to the flip-up frame that keeps all books or tablets upright and the flip-out wine holder that snugly grips the stem of a glass.

There's even room on each side of the tray for flannels and toiletries.

If your friend doesn't enjoy a night on the town, bring the bar to their house with this elegant drinks trolley.

Crafted with two mango wood shelves to provide a sturdy base for glasses, tumblers and bottles, its carefully curved gold-toned frame gives an art-deco inspired contrast.

It's understated and elegant and would be a great focal point in a room, no matter what's going on in the rest of the space.

With sleek metal castors, it can be transported from dining room to living room to ensure guests at every drinks and dinner party are well-lubricated in style.

It wouldn't be a cosy night in without something super soft next to the skin and this stunning kimono has the added advantage of looking exquisite.

Perfect for early nights snuggling on the sofa or long lazy mornings enjoying breakfast in bed, the hot pink hummingbird print is effortlessly glamorous and will suit most skin tones.

The overall design is super feminine with a tie-belt waist to enhance the wearer's curves.

Your friend won't want to take it off but thankfully cleaning is simple as it's machine washable at 30 degrees.

Your friend will thank you every time she slips her feet into these gorgeous UGG slippers.

They keep toes toasty and snuggly because they're fully lined with quality sheepskin.

With a playful leopard print, these UGGs will add a statement touch to your pal's loungewear look. Just because she's at home, it doesn't mean she can't have some fun with her outfits.

Should your friend need to venture outside to put the bins out or pay the milkman, they'll be pleased that the cork infused rubber sole means these slippers can be worn outside without damaging their soft lining.

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