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Why The Speed Racer Japanese Cartoon Character Will Get a New Video Game Shortly

by Federico Medworth (2020-08-04)

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Ever since the late 1960s, when Trans Lux bought the rights for the Americanized version of the Speed Racer cartoon, it has become an instant hit. A lot of people misunderstand why Trans Lux had all 52 episodes entirely redone. The real logic behind that was that after viewing the original episodes, the Japanese cartoon was deemed too violent, even if Speed, the main character, was the ideal Japanese cartoon character to bring over to the US. So, all 52 episodes were entirely remade, rewritten and animated, while adhering to the flavor of the original show in the process. What followed - the viral capacity for this cartoon to wow US audiences - was not entirely unexpected, but the cult like following that it still garners today could be said to have been at least surprisingly wonderful (for Trans Lux and the TV stations that aired the show).

The newest version of this Speed Racer cartoon now graces the Nick Toons lineup on the popular Nickelodeon TV network on basic cable in the United States. Interestingly enough, it's the very first time that Nickelodeon has picked up a show that was not of original creation. They generally opt for shows that feature new and original characters, and tend to veer away from adaptations or remakes, with very few exceptions made in between. Thankfully, they did make an exception this time around. What ensued was Nickelodeon partnering with Lions Gate to create Speed Racer: Next Generation.

The profundity of this partnership would scream accolades as viewers fully embraced the newest TV version of Speed Racer, and its new star, the Japanese cartoon character styling of Speed's son, who later finds out that his father is Speed Racer while attending racing school. After six episodes aired in 2011, Nickelodeon has picked up the show for a full season this year. This is directly correlated to the underlying propensity for a new video game featuring a new version of this world famous Japanese cartoon character.

It's not really a question of will there be a new video game, 만화 삼국지 but rather when? Logic tells us that with a full season in place this year, the demand for merchandise and a video game will be very high. It would be foolish of Nickelodeon to not cash in on an easy sell. When they plan to grace fans with such a novelty is anyone's guess. As far as predictions are concerned, it's probably safe to bet around the end of this year or during early 2013.

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