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E.coli bacteria outbreak forces two popular swimming pools to close

by Cathy Brennan (2020-08-08)

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Two popular North Queensland swimming pools are closed to the public after an E.coli outbreak.

Bacteria was found in both Kokoda and Long Tan Memorial pools during routine testing by Townsville City Council water experts.

The water quality of both pools is tested every fortnight, with council officials opting to close both pools on Monday.

The pools have been closed as a precautionary safety measure, after E.coli was found in the water. 

Kokoda Memorial Pool (pictured) is closed until water quality experts determine there is no further trace of bacteria in the water

Kokoda Memorial Pool's Facebook post (pictured) telling patrons that the pool is closed

The pools will remain closed until water quality experts get results from their final round of tests on Tuesday.

They will only reopen if there is no further trace of bacteria.

Both  Memorial Pools posted on their Facebook pages that they hope to reopen on Tuesday, with some pool users commenting that they had been in the water the morning that the pools were closed. 


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