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How to Download, Install and Activate your my Norton product

"Stacy Watson" (2020-08-28)

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Downloading Norton on your device isn't a difficult task unless you follow these guidelines very carefully:

Log in to your Norton login Account that you simply have created within the very beginning. (Note: If you're not already signed in to Norton, you're required to check-in by typing your email address and password that you simply have created for Norton account)
Click “Create an Account”, just in case you are doing not have a Norton account.
Click “Download Norton” within the “Get started” page or on the most menu.
For having Norton setup with product key, click “Enter a replacement product key”, if you've got an unused registration product key.
After typing in your product key, click on the go arrow.
Tap “Agree and Download” to hold forward the procedure.
If you've got subscribed to quite one Norton product, then you've got to settle on the specified product from the list and tap “Next”.
To install Norton on Another Device. Click “Send a Download Link” and do one among the subsequent counting on your browser:
Internet Explorer users can click “Run”.
Firefox or Safari users got to tap on the “Download” choice to view the downloaded files that appear on the top-right corner of the browser. then, double-click on the file that you simply have just downloaded.
Chrome users got to double-click on the file that's downloaded on the bottom-left corner of the pc.
Tap “Continue” when the “User Account Control” window appears on your screen.
Follow the on-screen instructions and your Norton product is now installed and activated on your device.

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