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US Green Card - Getting Green Card Through Lottery !

by Magnolia Galindo (2020-08-31)

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Some people think that the only way to obtain the Green Card if someone already living in United States or some one sponsor or you for USA but Have you ever hear about that someone get USA Green Card only through lottery ? Yes it's true the name of the lottery is called Green Card Lottery. Every year US Government gives the opportunity to the desirable people to live and หวยเวียดนาม work resides in the United States and 50,000 immigrants visa's are granted as the result of this lottery. So if you are one of the including desirable people who are wishing to live in United States then this lottery turns your American dream into the reality.

History of Green Card Lottery

US Government Created this program in 1990's by the immigration act to create or promote diversity in United States that is why it is also called DV Lottery or Diversity Lottery Immigrant Visa and this is begin with Simple "Lotto" which provide the chance for those countries people who are affected by the Immigration Nationality Act (INA) or and the biggest chunk of green cards issued to the people from those areas who are having less ratio of immigrants living resides in United States from last five years. and it allows 50,000 applicants to win green card through the lottery.

How It works

You are might be thinking that How to enter for the Green Card Lottery? To enter this lottery you must register yourself and submit your application to the official website Green Card Lottery Results & Procedure

Every year millions of people participate and the result will be takes place through the random computer generated lottery draw it's all because only lucky bunch of the people win the Green Card. Once you enroll yourself then you will receive a confirmation id and with this id you can track your application anytime online or you will be notified by postal mail and phone calls. In case you will not be notified then you can also check the results through the website which I mention above. To conclude I must say that if you haven't applied for this year lottery or you wish to settled down in the United States then don't let this great opportunity pass by you. Register yourself today and get US Green Card.

For more detail about and How to Get then visit our web journals. Read more about this year Visa Program!

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