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knockout pipe

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"One silver lining here is that when people are home and bored, they're gonna be creative," he said. "So we'll see a lot more art, hopefully, as a result of this."
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How long does the battery last? Depending on your vaping habits, the Dr. Dabber Aurora and Ghost will deliver 250-300 hits on a single charge. This results in about 5 days for the average user, and 2-3 days for a heavy user. The Dr. Dabber Light will deliver around 100 hits on a single charge. The Dr. Dabber Boost delivers between 30-40 heating cycles on a single charge. We recommend using an external 18650 battery charger for best results with our Boost unit. The Switch can reach 100 plus heating cycles on a single charge . Unlike other perc bongs, a tornado bong is easier to use. You don’t need strong lungs to make it work and appreciate how it cleans your smoke. Also, cleaning is easy. You don’t need some fancy maneuvering to clean the perc just like you would with spiral coil, Swiss, Faberge, or tree-arm percs.

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