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If there is one thing the Sequel trilogy has proven that it is not easy to tell a story of Star Wars - let alone one that has something new to say. Fortunately, the Mandalorian - the first live-action Star Wars series and the flagship show of the new streaming service Disney + - has the arrogance and ambition to venture off the beaten track and into the unexplored regions of the galaxy Star Wars, providing a freshman season - while uneven - still manages to be one of the most surprising and satisfying Star Wars projects over the decades.

Download Tv Series Today Charting the adventures of a stoic operating bounty hunter in the outdoor pool after the Empire's fall in Return of the Jedi, The Mandalorian largely inspired by classic tropes of the Western and samurai movies that inspired George Lucas when he created the original films (allowing the show to evoke the best of aesthetics a New Hope desolate desert and the unknown danger atmosphere that lurks around every corner), while integrating many other influences Lucas - exuberant, the planet jump energy flash Gordon and other serials science fiction, and mythical archetypes popularized by Joseph Campbell. This probably explains why the series feels quintessentially Star Wars from the jump - it's a world that seems resisted and lived in, thanks to the creator Jon Favreau Canny decision to use practical effects whenever possible, the pairing with subtle CGI helps the show avoid sterile qualities prequels.

Star Wars has always been a pastiche of various genres and influences, but the deductible (at least since Disney acquired) tends to take off when he leans too heavily on the rhythms of history and iconography of which is came before toll offer anything, and that's true Mandalorian too. The episodes in the middle of the season when the show leans too hard in Akira Kurosawa and Sergio Leone tributes are weakest probably while episodes that bookends the season and advance the overall plot have clear direction to eyes and palpable momentum "Mando" deals with a challenge, the mission changing that pulls in much deeper than he bargained for. In addition to needing the introduction of Cara Dune (a welcome addition that offers an authenticity that shakes the bones for the fight sequences) Gina Carano in episode 4, you can easily watch episodes 1-3 and 7-8 as autonomous and fully engaging Star Wars movie without losing something important.

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