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Vemma Home Based Business Review

by Ola Augustin (2020-05-05)

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Cdspn4kXIAEduqE.jpg%5CThe Vemma company was founded by BK Boreyko and was brought to the forefront by him and the parent company New Vision, also a leader in the health and wellness. The concept of Vemma's products is to eliminate the "pill fatigue syndrome" and with these juices they want to give you anything you need, and more, to take your health and energy levels into a higher gear. Most people want to become healthier and they want more energy as well, so there certainly is a market for this product.

Vemma, since its launch has assisted in creating nutrition in form of drinks or a nutritional supplement. After being in the product research and development sector for over ten years, Vemma has strong backings when it comes to nutrition. They have produced products that are so effective that it has garnered several awards around the world. So far having approximately $1 billion in retail sales. Vemma is a network market company, like any other networking companies; they offer an opportunity for people to earn commissions by partnering and reselling the products and recruiting other re-sellers. There is nothing wrong about this; it is usually the fastest way to get rich just by offering products and recruiting new members.

Vemma Business features a compensation plan which is built upon an easy two team-building concept which consists of a left and a right team. In addition, once registered as a business builder, you will get a marketing website, some of Vemma's products, and you will have access to a personal coach. You may notice that the concept of compensation plan may seem to be common in the networking industry.

Whether Vemma's product line is a scam or a real solid and useful supplement, raise the question; Is Vemma a Scam or a great opportunity? Vemma's product is a juice based vitamin-drink that forms a complete and delicious once-a-day liquid supplement, which provides your body with all the nutrients you need.

Vemma is definitely a very fine company that has great products to help people become successful. They understand that to become truly successful, Chinese teas you need more than just a warm market of friends and family, you need to have specific tools and techniques to target people beyond that warm market, giving you the ability to get people all over to look at what you have to offer. The Vemma tools suite is definitely giving you advanced marketing technology, and the understanding how to use them to be successful with their product.

In summary, Vemma is a health and wellness network marketing company that gives people the opportunity to become promoters, re-sellers of their products and services, along with consuming their health solutions. Vemma has gotten huge publicity from their ability to recruit professional sports teams to use, endorse, and consume their products. The real question is simply this: Is Vemma a real opportunity, or is it just another peddler of MLM supplements?

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