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by Doris Hall (2020-10-21)

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State Government Programs
The government offers tutoring through the No Child Left Behind Act. These programs are sponsored by the Department of Education and often have income requirements. While some of the tutoring sessions are held at local schools, others take place outside school grounds. Some nonprofit organizations may be involved in the program as well. You will need to check your state's website for participating entities in your area, and you must meet the deadline for application. With most programs sponsored by the Department of Education, low income families automatically qualify.

Non Profit Organizations
Many nonprofit organizations receive funding from corporate donors to offer tutoring for special needs children. Visit your local community center and check the bulletin boards for flyers to find out about these programs. You can also ask the administrators that oversee the center operations. The tutoring may be limited to certain subjects, but should cover the basic math, science and custom essay writing courses. The hours for tutoring with nonprofit organizations may vary, with some sessions taking place in the morning hours.

Community College
Some college students will offer free tutoring, especially if they're majoring in education. Go to your local community college and check the bulletin boards to see if there's anything available. You should also visit the office and inquire about tutoring there as well. You may need to bring your child to the college campus and fill out a special form for the college student's records. Many students do this for extra credits towards their degree.

There are several places to get free tutoring and worksheets for your special needs child. The library and your local community centers are great places to start. Bookmark your state's Department of Education website and be sure to visit often for updates. Let your friends and family know what you're looking for. They may be able to help you as well.

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