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Stay Home Profits Review

by Lyla Zarella (2020-06-01)

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The first secret is that most consumers use a generic Stay Home Profits term and what's called a geographic modifier in their search phrase. Searchers aren't looking for Howard and Wolfe Accountants when they search. They're looking for an accountant in Pittsburgh. Here are several examples. The second secret is that it has been found by Jupiter Research that nearly 17% of searches will use direct navigation in their search. This means that they will type in the KEYWORD.COM directly into the browser bar of their preferred search engine, such as or The third secret is that the will often rank very high in the search engines, for that term. In other case, will usually be listed on the first page of Google the Big Dog of search engines, if the person types in Atlanta plumber as their search term.

What Is Stay Home Profits?

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