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Hair Revital X

"reignafancy" (2020-02-01)

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Causes of hair loss include stress, hormonal Hair Revital X Review changes, poor diet and genetic factors. A primary cause of male pattern baldness is the chemical Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the blood stream which erodes the hair follicle over time until it eventually dies. Poor diet can lead to hair loss when the body is starved of essential vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth.To re-grow hair on the scalp, topical and internal prescription products exist that serve to block DHT from reaching the hair follicle. Some of these products carry adverse health and sexual side effects. A primary component is the chemical minoxidil which, when applied topically, stimulates the capillaries around the hair stem allowing proteins to reach the root of the hair promoting growth. Internal supplements act in a similar fashion to allow proteins to reach hair except that it is accomplished by blocking DHT internally.Natural supplements are available that are as potent or more effective than these pharmaceuticals. Recent studies have found that procyanidin B-2 in the skin of green apples perform this function and are up to two hundred times as effective as minoxidil. The Saw Palmetto herb has been found to effectively block DHT, as well as promote prostate health. The benefit of these natural alternatives is that you don't see the more dramatic side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs.

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