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Joint Pain Hack

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-01)

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In order to rid myself of Joint Pain Hack Review pain and inflammation I initially tried to stay as close to a vegetarian diet as possible. I first followed Dr. John McDougall's McDougall Plan. Now that I have my inflammation under control I will eat things like lean chicken breast, shrimp on occasion, and once in a great while a cut of beef like filet mignon. I still will not go near pork. Every time I eat pork my inflammation increases tremendously. Other products I avoid are carbonated beverages like soft drinks, both regular and diet. Carbonated beverages lower the ph of your blood, making it more acidic. This causes a response in your body to try to bring your blood ph closer to neutral. It does this by leaching calcium and phosphorous from your bones. So think about this visual: you drink a soda for lunch, along with eating a big fat juicy burger, making your blood even more acidic. At three in the afternoon you go to the restroom and literally watch yourself pee part of your skeleton down the toilet. That's right: your kidneys will actually pull that calcium and phosphorous from your skeleton out into your urine. But not all of it-you have heard of kidney stones? No, you are not going to win your daily battle with arthritis/inflammation by simply taking your doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical drug while washing it down with soda and a double cheeseburger. You must be willing to embark on a complete lifestyle change focused on eating and drinking healthy foods. EXERCISE-- Exercise does several important things, including releasing beneficial hormones needed to keep lean muscle mass and burn unwanted fat. If done correctly, it will help you increase mobility and flexibility, which is important in overcoming the stiffness associated with arthritis. I personally do a five-minute slow stretching routine everyday. I also do a vigorous cardio routine at least three times a week on a no-impact elliptical trainer or bike at a fitness gym. When I say vigorous, I mean I always work up a sweat. (Editors note: Those who experience hip pain should avoid the bicycle and elliptical because of the pressure placed on the hip flexor.)

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