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Advanced Adaptogen Complex

"reignafancy" (2020-02-03)

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My favourite Island Tribe item is SPF 35 Sun Lotion - 125ml, Advanced Adaptogen Complex Review an anti-oxidant, water resistant lotion with maximum (all sunscreens have to be) UVA protection. But I love the Vitamin E enriched moisturizing non greasy lotion, it's just another sort of x- factor about Island Tribe. Then there's the Island tribe stick, handy, convenient, affordable and well I could just go on really but I would begin to sound sales pitchey...Key factors about Island Tribe Sunscreen? It's heading out to the wider world now, consumers will have at their consumer finger tips wider awareness that these sunscreens are available to them and actually do work by the testimonials. The lotion is different, clear like gel that really does stay on longer and water proof? To the MAXIMUM! There is something that you can easily do that will benefit your skin, your hair, your clothing, and the environment. And you can do all that by changing the soap and cleaning products you buy and use. By using pure natural soap, you will no longer be filling your drains and sewers with chemical waste. And you will not be absorbing these chemicals through your skin any more either!So what can we do to stop this mindless contamination of the earth and our bodies? On the market today, in stores, health food shops, and online, there are hundreds of safe, healthful soap products (and even available kits that easily allow you to make your own soaps at home).

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