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Diabetes Freedom

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-03)

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There are many reasons a Diabetes Freedom Review person can develop diabetes, but mostly it occurs due to an unfortunate combination of several factors. Diabetes type 1 is uncontrollable as there is something inherently wrong with a person's insulin production when they are diagnosed with diabetes type 1. Children and young adults usually under the age of 20 are diagnosed with this form of the condition. With diabetes type 2, your family history can play a large role in the likelihood that you will become diabetic, but it is certainly not the only cause of the condition. Natural aging is another factor that you obviously have no control over. As people age, there is an increased chance of developing many kinds of diseases and health conditions, and diabetes type 2 is on the list. People who contract diabetes type 2 are usually diagnosed over the age of 35, but once you pass the age of 45, the chance of contracting it continues to increase every year. Despite these natural and uncontrollable causes of diabetes, there are things that people do every day that actually cause them to get diabetes. Lifestyle is a huge factor in the equation. People who are obese are much more likely to contract diabetes type 2 than a thin person, even if the thin person is genetically disposed to contract it during their lives. This is because eating poorly and lacking a regular exercise program allows large amounts of fat deposits to build on cells. These cells need glucose to function and insulin is what transports the glucose from the bloodstream to the cells, allowing them to work. When fat deposits are extensive, the insulin is resisted and the glucose remains in the bloodstream. This is the reason for high blood sugar in diabetic people. Insulin resistance leads to many other unfortunate conditions like high blood pressure, cholesterol and an increased risk for blood clotting. It is due to these facts that people who suffer from diabetes type 2 more than two times as likely as non-diabetic people to have a heart attack, stroke, or develop some form of life-threatening heart disease.

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