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by Alisa Princy (2020-02-03)

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In other words these StrictionBP Review supplies are essential for all diabetics. Your life depends upon these medicines and devices. Now, there is no need of going out to your local hospital, nearest health center or pharmacy for a precise check. These days there are many innovative and revolutionary blood sugar meters available online. You can choose the best for yourself. It is a huge misconception that all the testing supplies are very expensive. There are many websites and online pharmacies offering genuine medicines at affordable rates. Type 2 diabetics are especially susceptible to the effects of summer heat. If blood sugar levels are not kept in check, dehydration is a very real danger. Every summer, hundreds of thousands of type 2 diabetics have to make a trip to the emergency room to be re-hydrated... and millions of type 2 diabetics ruin their medications or testing supplies by exposing them to the heat. Most Type 2 diabetics don't realize that the temperature outside does not have to be 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) or even more before there is a danger of heat-related illness. Most diabetics have an impaired ability to sweat. If there is high humidity, even 80 to 90 degrees F (27 to 32 degrees C), can bring on heatstroke or dehydration. Every year people with Type 2 diabetes die because they did not know they could not stand a "little" heat. Signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion include: dizziness or even fainting muscle cramps cool, clammy skin headaches nause a rapid heartbea Three Tips to Help Avoid Dehydration: Check your blood sugar levels often when it is hot; both high and low blood sugar levels can be be a problem during the heat. Take care with exercising... it is best to exercise early in the morning or in the evening when the temperatures are lower... miss exercise during the daytime altogether when the temperatures are high.

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