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Back Pain Sos

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-04)

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However, the lizard doesn't Back Pain Sos Review understand negotiation. The lizard only knows that it wants to rip someone's head off. Every time the lizard brain perceives a signal in the form of a threatening voice, the familiar scent of the boss's perfume, even the sight of a a familiar-looking car model parked in a nearby lot, the lizard brain involuntarily triggers the nervous system to respond with the flood of hormones, tightening of the muscles and the impulse to fight or flee. It's just that the rest of our brain doesn't immediately make the connection. When we hold our bodies back from responding in these situations, our inner lizard gets confused. It receives the impulse to move, but remains still. The energy in the body remains bound up in the system which over time may manifest as pain in the shoulder, pain in the hip, pain in the foot. Inexplicable chronic pain. The dull ache that cannot be attributed to any accident or injury. In extreme cases, an incomplete defense response, the learned inability to fight may cause the body to turn on itself and manifest as frozen shoulder, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. A strong desire to escape, or an incomplete fleeing response, may develop into severe anxiety or panic attacks. When these incidents occurred a long time ago, perhaps when we were young adults, children, or possibly even earlier, how can we work to resolve the issue and make the pain go away? Chiropractors used to be thought of as quacks by most of the medical community. There non-evasive and non use of medicine approach just could not be understood. They were outsides when it came to the medical world and only in the last twenty years have they been given the respect they right deserve as a health profession.


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