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Essential M

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-04)

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To be sure, the premise Essential M Review of energy drink sales is simple enough: create a blend of methylxanthines, vitamins, fruit juices, and herbal supplements then proceed to market this generally sugary concoction as an energy increasing and focus enhancing beverage. It certainly seems innocuous enough, but the use of stimulants and supplements should be understood lest the risk of undesirable and adverse effects be exacerbated by lack of knowledge. As with all things that effect the chemical functions of the body, its important to understand the ingredients in energy drinks indulging (they come with a warning label advising against excessive consumption for a reason). The allure of supplemental energy and added focus coupled with the ease of accessibility lends greatly to the success of energy drinks, but perhaps a query ought be posed as to what exactly is happening in the flash-bang grenade styled cans of liquid energy. There are a vast array of chemicals and metabolic function effected ingredients that interact with one another in their various stages of break down and absorption into the tissues of the body that are thusly effected. Given that these interactions are generally very intricate in nature, this will cover the most heavily represented ingredients in most energy drinks. The primary ingredient in most energy drinks is Caffeine. This serves as an energy booster by temporarily combating drowsiness and increasing alertness. Sounds great, but caffeine is a diuretic and consumption of large quantities can result in dehydration which, though not only unpleasant, will then result in an opposite reaction. If the body is dehydrated by a single percent the performance of an individual may decrease by as much as ten percent. This is mitigated when an individual increases their tolerance to caffeine with consistent use. It is also worth noting that many other relatively common ingredients in energy drinks, such as guarana, may themselves break down to release caffeine in their metabolizing.

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