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Life Wisdom Matrix

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-05)

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Sometimes I create a Life Wisdom Matrix Review couple of characters to play with this. I give one a high-pitched voice and call him Frank. The other is Charlie and he has a deep low voice. The two will converse with each other. "Good morning Charlie, how are things on this fine scrumptious morning?" "On gee Frank ah, things couldn't be better. Thanks for asking." To which Frank responds, "You know Charlie, I've been thinking. I choose an easy life. I choose an abundant life. I choose love. I choose adventure. What do you think about that Charlie?" Charlie gets all excited about that. "Yes Frank, that sounds fantastic. That's exactly what I was thinking in fact. Gee how did you know Frank? I love my life too. I've had it with suffering. No more suffering!!! Gee thanks Frank!" "Don't mention Charlie, that's what friends are for. Okay, so today everything is going to be in service to me! Have a great one Charlie" "You too Frank!" Our conversation varies from day-to-day and it can happen at any time of the day. Sometimes Frank and Charlie will even use curse words. I love to do that because it always gets me laughing my ass off. So using any means to lighten up and smile is worth doing. In a sense, you are creating new aspects, but aspects now that serve you, that can remain integrated. You are choosing to create an aspect that loves your body and that thinks it's pretty darn good. You can create an aspect that is confident. This aspect doesn't have to get stuck. It doesn't have to get all cocky and haughty and mean to others. It is an aspect that can serve you. When you are feeling low or unworthy, you can call forth the aspect that you created who feels confident, who knows his worth, and you breathe that in. You see aspects themselves are not good or bad. They are just expressions of a creator. These aspects of you that had all these difficult experiences, you created it that way. It keeps your soul pure and clear, while all those parts of you go off and have their experience. But very often if there is a traumatic experience, they get stuck out there, away from you, in their trauma and sometimes it takes a long time to come back.

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