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5 Minute Belly Burner

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-06)

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When we hear about weight 5 Minute Belly Burner Review loss, most of us hear the same thing, mainly eat less and exercise more. While this advice is sound in theory, it should not be your main focus and these alone will not create long-lasting results. In reality, if you want to achieve fast results and have long-lasting results, you must do the exact opposite, which is eat more frequently and exercise less. By eating more frequently you will stimulate your metabolism and create a fat-burning environment all day long. By exercising less, you have to realize that the intensity with which you must exercise will be increased. Let's take a look at the underlying reasons for these principles. The underlying causes of weight-gain are strongly hormonal. Two hormones especially important in your battle with weight are insulin and cortisol. These two hormones are responsible for a myriad of bodily functions that are essential to survival, however when we practice unhealthy habits, we create imbalances of these hormones which are directly linked to weight-gain. The easiest way to keep both of these hormones where you want them, which is at a level for maximal body functioning but not fat-storage, is to implement sound principles of nutrition and exercise. Eating smaller meals, more frequently, will prevent spikes in insulin and keep your fat-storage at a minimum. Eating smaller meals, more frequently, will prevent large spikes in the level of cortisol, which is a stress hormone that also causes the storage of fat. Exercise also plays an important role in controlling these hormones, however by keeping your time in the gym to a minimum, and your intensity at a maximum you, will control cortisol spikes and thus prevent fat-storage as well. Trying to lose weight can feel pretty frustrating, particularly if you've tried diet after diet and have not gotten the results you want. But there is a real solution that will get the weight off, and keep it off.

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