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The Favorite Food Diet

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-11)

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Fat Burning Furnace really The Favorite Food Diet Review comes into its own thanks to its unique two pronged approach to the problem of fast weight loss. It uses a series of specially designed intensive cardio workouts combined with a specialised diet plan to achieve rapid, yet sustainable weight loss. We all like to work smarter not harder, and the author, Rob Poulos, certainly tries to encourage this approach throughout the guide. What I particularly like about FBF is the way that it doesn't impose any strict regimes or diets onto its followers, instead they are encouraged to enjoy healthy alternatives to the foods that they might normally choose. Of course, you are much more likely to stick with a program that you enjoy doing, and thats where FBF really scores. I especially liked the fact that FBF caters for vegetarians as well, for they are often overlooked by many diet regimes. The workouts are aimed at boosting your metabolism, which in turn boosts your fat burning capacity. Because of this they tend to be known as the "15 minute miracle" workouts.These exercises are suitable for home use as well as for doing in the gym, so are a great way to save time as well as lose weight.If like me, you find using the treadmill incredibly boring, then you will love the authors advice to avoid this kind of equipment if you are looking to maintain a good heart rate for this kind of cardio workout. The FBF Diet Program has Two Plans Fat Burning Furnace is available in two different versions - FBF Deluxe and FBF Ultimate. Both versions feature the guide and a host of bonus materials, but they also come with 3 months individual one-to-one e-mail coaching sessions. For the extra money, the Ultimate System offers access to the FBF Ultimate Success Toolkit as well as an amazing extra 9 months of e-mail coaching. Now thats got to be worth the extra cost alone. The Ultimate Success Toolkit is a very nice program that enables you to keep track of your success on the FBF program. It enables you to set and track milestones and goals while using FBF

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