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Joint Pain Hack

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-11)

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See she came for an Joint Pain Hack Review evaluation of her neuropathy right at the time we starting to implement some advanced neuropathy testing. While I was presenting the results of my neuropathy techniques at Johns Hopkins, I was introduced to a company that developed some really promising urine analysis tests. This special urinalysis could provide information on the chemistry of the brain and spinal cord by measuring chemicals, called neurotransmitters in the urine. Then in patients suffering from neurological conditions like neuropathy, specific treatments can be formulated based on the test results for that patient. Cookie was one of our first neuropathy patients to be treated based on these test results. And she responded wonderfully. The neuropathy pain that she had for nine years kept her wandering the floors at night in agonizing pain, was gone within two months. She did so much better after our neuropathy treatment that many of her other medical conditions improved as well. Cookie's results showed us that effective neuropathy treatment must be based on urinalysis testing. Basing neuropathy treatment on these neurotransmitter test results has taken our already excellent results to a whole new level. Some patients develop severe peripheral neuropathy as a result of the medications used to treat infectious diseases, Glenda was one of them. She became addicted to the pain medications her doctors prescribed to her. Glenda had a job that required a security clearance, because she required pain medications, she had to quit her job. We tested Glenda's urinary neurotransmitters. Between the neuropathy and her pain medications, they were a mess. We were able to specifically develop a nutritional protocol for Glenda, tailor a treatment plan that included laser therapy and acupuncture, all based on her specific neurotransmitter profiles. The results? No pain, no need for pain medications, she got her job and her life back.

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