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Fungus Eliminator

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-11)

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The origin of these Fungus Eliminator Review treatments is likely out of contemporary testimonials, many passed online now. The claim is that using these chemicals will result in a cure of the difficult-to-treat problem of toenail fungus, as a safer alternative to prescription antifungal pills and a cheaper alternative to oil-based legitimate topical antifungal medications. Those who tout these home cures claim improvement in the appearance of the nail after awhile, with sudden or gradual clearance of nail discoloration as the ultimate result. Unfortunately, the active ingredients in either of these two products really do not have significant antifungal properties and in reality probably cannot effectively penetrate the nail plate to get to where the nail fungus is actually located: the skin underneath the nail. There is no scientific study proving their effectiveness, and there probably never will be because a pharmaceutical company cannot profit on a pre-existing product. Regardless, much of the supposed cure likely comes from the way the chemicals in these products can loosen keratin debris on and within the nail, which when removed can make a nail look 'normal' again. It can also be assumed that many of these so-called cures were actually visual improvement in nails that were never actually infected with fungus. Not all nail discoloration is due to a fungal infection, and in some cases simple nail softening and clearance of keratin deposits in the nail itself can result in a better looking nail. This is why nail fungus should be properly diagnosed and treated by a physician, like any other infection in the body. Vinegar has been used as an adjunctive soaking agent for a long time, and has also been identified as a way to reduce foot odor. People often mix a water and vinegar soak to treat foot odor. Vinegar contains acetic acid, and indirectly may contribute to reducing foot odor if one understands how foot odor forms. However, there are more direct, effective ways at eliminating foot odor that does not involve pickling the feet.

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