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"reignafancy" (2020-02-12)

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Nowadays, most ophthalmologists tend to advocate Power Efficiency Guide Review the upside of LASIK surgery. This procedure is widely recommended to correct vision problems including myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. As a special form of eye surgery, LASIK is not perfect in several ways. It is also necessary for patients who are considering this option to know the downside of LASIK surgery. Only with a clear awareness of both the upside and downside of it, it is possible to make a wise decision.Although LASIK maintains a high success rate, mishaps are still potential. There are some disappointing cases that the eyes have been over-treated or under-treated. In these unfortunate conditions, a further surgery is needed to make a remedy. In fact, LASIK surgery using a laser beam can not eliminate all of the potential risks associated with the procedure itself.Furthermore, a small proportion of patients will experience or complain about seeing star-bursts or halos around objects. This condition is more serious at night. Of course, this is really a disappointing problem, even though LASIK surgeons claim that this condition is not permanent and will decrease over time.As stated before, LASIK surgery does not guarantee 100% vision correction. Another decisive disadvantage of LASIK is its high price that the cost of LASIK per eye can be as high as several thousand. This negative aspect may preclude a large number of ordinary people with low income. Worse still, over 50% of insurance companies do not cover the costs of LASIK. In fact, LASIK surgery is considered as an elective and cosmetic solution. Most vision insurance plans in the United States believe it is not compulsory. In their mind, there are simple and economical solutions such as corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses.

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