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Gaia’s Protocol

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-13)

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If you're inclined to, you Gaia’s Protocol Review may juice half of your vegetable intake, though I personally find that to be cumbersome. It does make for easier portability and digestion and it can be a great quick meal in the morning or after workouts. Attempt to consume your vegetables either in whole form or in homemade juices. Consult any current medical journal and you will find that it is widely accepted that most adults should be taking a daily multivitamin. This is largely due to modern day diet and farming methods, meaning that we don't get the nutrition we once did from our daily food intake. With so many options how do you choose the best multivitamin to take? FAST AND EASILY ABSORBED CASE/COATING The best multi-vitamins are easily absorbed by your body and should be coated by something that is easy to break down in your stomach - such as a rapid release capsule shell. If the vitamin coating is too robust, it will pass through you and into your toilet before anything of nutritional value has been released into your stomach. FAST AND EASILY ABSORBED CONTENT Food form vitamins and minerals such as provided by plants and herbs are the best quality and are easily recognised by your body. Through the ages your body has been used to absorbing vitamins from foods, but does not easily recognise or process synthetic chemically manufactured drugs, vitamins and medicines. If the nutrients aren't absorbed by your body quickly then they will pass through you before any benefit can be derived. CHEMICAL OR FOOD FORM? Chemicals can be brilliantly effective and many aspects of life are dependent on them - but they are not useful for nutrition. If the supplement you choose has a list of ingredients as vitamin names and minerals, with no sign of food sources, then you can assume it is chemical base. A food form vitamin will have a list of food sources and may not even mention specific vitamins by name - as you'll see later in the article this isn't something to worry about.

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