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"reignafancy" (2020-02-13)

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I lived the first forty-four years of my life Ultra Manifestation Review from the ego, that is, unconscious of the Christ within. This is a life of great emotional suffering. When I finally had suffered enough I turned to God with the questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? God answered me with a beautiful vision. I saw in my minds eye the heart of Christ. It was bleeding. As the blood flowed to the bottom of the heart it formed a beautiful rose. I heard the words, "You are My Rose. You came from My Heart." This was the beginning of my true personal growth. I have been on this path now for many years and therefore I can now help others to find their true Selves.God has called me to be a writer. Many years ago, at the beginning of my personal journey, I awoke with a cramp in my hand and the words in my mind, "Pick up your pen and write." I argued, "It's three in the morning and I have nothing to write." The cramp got tighter and the words got louder, "Pick up your pen and write!" When I finally obeyed and put pen to paper, out came a beautiful poem that expressed the desire of my heart.The Heart is the center of your emotional energy body. Emotions are the central core of all that resides and radiates outward from within. It is said emotions control our every thought, action and reaction. There is much truth for there is very little that is not filled with the emotion of love or fear.

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