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Sonus Complete

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-13)

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Musician Ear Plugs Sonus Complete Review Are you a concert aficionado? Do you play in a rock band? Then foam earplugs are not going to be ideal. However, if you can get a good pair of musician's earplugs, you'll be set to enjoy the music at the volume you prefer and save your ability to hear. Beyond simply providing protection, many concertgoers don't realize how much of the music they're missing when they go without earplugs. When exposed to that kind of volume, the ear is unable to distinguish between the various instruments and pick out the highs and lows of the music. If you didn't think it was possible that earplugs could actually improve your concert experience, you should definitely give them a try. Most doctors will tell you there's little you can do to improve your natural senses. This flies in the face of case after case of blind individuals who have a heightened sense of hearing, and other similar examples. While you may not be able to physically lower or raise the level of sound you are capable of listening to, you can certainly get more in tune with the abilities you already have. In practical terms, that is just as important. A hearing center may be able to give you a listening aid that improves volume, but you may already have the key that can unlock a greater ability to hear on your own. Relax It sounds like the most useless advice ever written, but relaxing the muscles in your face can have a positive effect on your ability to hear. Try smiling or otherwise tensing your ears. You'll find that the canals leading to your inner ear are choked off to some degree. So if you're trying to overhear what the people in the other room are saying about you, your best bet is to ignore your natural impulse to tense up and just relax the muscles of your face.

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