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Ultra Manifestation

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-14)

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The point is that Ultra Manifestation Review sex is a vital part of life, and it is the least taught or known wisdom. We have extreme severities, religious celibacy, sexual rapes and exploitation. The fact that there are such extremes with the subject makes no one comfortable with it generally. Children do not get early sexual education; is this in hope of avoiding interest? Well, that may sound ridiculous, but that is the plan in most instances! Parents do not know how to go about sex education, and they usually do it in a clinical sense and the young therefore realize they are not tuned in or don't have a clue! They are not willing to consider the children know something, in as much as they know they were born. So the drama goes. Sex is a gift of life and pleasure. For us to approach it as a means of being truly caring and loving is a good base of practice, not as a duty, or service expected, nor punishable if not complying. Female suppression and male dominance roles do not make this the way Nature works it. Religious regulation is not working well and guilt-ridden teachings do not help an already failing system to regroup. In my life and observing the ways of being human, I have come to see something I want to share. There is no need for you to agree, just think on it. We have a male dominated society almost throughout the world. So sex is harsh and restrictive. Obedience of the female and subservient, submissive behavior is asked or demanded from woman. Sex is her duty to her mate, and temptation her sin. Pretty grim stuff. She is asked to conceal her body as man cannot control himself, or handle the temptation. Man's sin or woman's? Someone is to blame and something is wrong, is what this all sounds like. So sex is going through some kind of abusive history. Women who use this for their own agendas are placing themselves in a game of male aggressive behavior. Soon the psychological process creates a painful inner reaction for both man and woman. Then sex becomes the battleground and emotional anger and abuse prevails; just look around you.

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