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Hair Revital X

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-15)

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What if I told you the Hair Revital X Review healthy cure for hair loss is made from vitamins, minerals and natural herb extracts? Experts say that baldness is hereditary and you can't run away from your genes. But if a natural hair loss treatment is safe for both men and women, healthy and fights baldness, it's worthwhile to investigate. The most effective hair loss cures found in the market are products containing substances you'll want to know about. To date, there are two types of ingredients approved by the FDA for treating baldness. One is safe for both men and women while the other is not. Known as Finasteride, this ingredient found in hairloss products comes in pill form but is not natural. Originally used for enlarged prostate glands, it was then discovered that at a low dose it can prevent the loss of hair. Even though it works by reducing the development of DHT, it's only used to treat inherited hair loss for men but not women. So the FDA has yet to approve this as a hairloss cure for females. Since the most common cause of male and female baldness is due to the excess of a hormone called DHT, so the best cure for hair loss for men and women will use the FDA approved Minoxidil. Because the DHT hormone gradually shrinks hair follicles until your hair eventually falls out, you can't grow any more hair from those affected follicles. But since this Minoxidil works with a blend of natural nutrients to block the DHT, it allows for new hair growth to occur. Applied topically, Minoxidil 2% allows new hair growth while blocking DHT so you grow a full head of hair. And working with the Minoxidil, the proper blend of natural nutrients also helps inhibit the DHT hormone. Natural herb extracts such as Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root have been proven to also help block DHT and allow your hair to grow; vitamin B6, B7 (Biotin) and the minerals magnesium and zinc ensure hair grows strong and healthy.

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