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Hair Revital X

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-17)

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DHT is one of the male Hair Revital X Review hormones, although it is present in both men and women. The body creates it through a conversion process involving an enzyme and free testosterone in the bloodstream. Finasteride works by binding to the enzyme and preventing the conversion. The drawback for men is that DHT contributes to sex drive and virility. It is necessary for reducing the effects that estrogen has on a man's body. Finasteride use has been known to cause long-lasting erectile dysfunction. Doctors that specialize in treating hormonal problems recommend against the use of the drug for hair loss, although they agree that it may be necessary for treating an enlarged prostate. The baldness drug is not usually prescribed to women and should be avoided by women that are or plan to become pregnant. It can cause severe birth defects. There are supporters of the use of finasteride for women, but there are many more opponents of the use of any kind of oral drugs for the problem. Other drugs that have been used in the past include anti-androgens, which can have serious side effects in men, including breast enlargement. Dutasteride is a drug that has yet to be approved for treating hair loss in the US, but it is available for the treatment of enlarged prostate and some doctors prescribe it "off label" for hair loss. To prescribe drugs off-label means to give them to patients to treat conditions for which the drugs have not received FDA approval. It is a relatively common practice. There is a topically applied baldness drug that is safe and effective in 40-50% of users. The effectiveness improves when its use is combined with nutritional therapy and herbal supplements, such as saw palmetto. Saw palmetto is a plant that has been used for the prevention and treatment of enlarged prostate for many years. Testing indicates that it is as effective as finasteride, but is unaccompanied by the side effects.

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