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Blood Balance Formula

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-18)

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First the good news... The Blood Balance Formula Review medical community has learned so much about diabetes over the past few years, including the causes, complications, new treatments and about the nature of the disease that it can be controlled much better than in the past. Now for the bad news... There is no cure for diabetes, and not only is it not subsiding, it's spreading like wildfire. Even into places it's really never been seen before. Places like India and China. Places like this haven't seen diabetes in the past thanks in large part to their lifestyle. Once the Western lifestyle is adopted - diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, Recent estimates have shown that roughly 3 percent of the world's population has diabetes. But by 2030, that figure is expected to rise to 4.4 percent. These figures may not sound like a whole lot, but consider them this way - there are well over 170 million people in the world with diabetes. That 4.4 percent figure equates to 366 million people, which is just a scootch more than the US population! Things have gotten so bad so fast, that diabetes actually has an entire month (November) devoted to awareness of the disease. Heck, it now even has it's own day! Events such as walks, workshops, races and conferences to discuss prevention measures all take place. While there are many diseases that can be devastating to the world's population, the UN recognizes diabetes as a worldwide debilitating disease that will continue to have incredible life changing ramifications. The situation in the United States is especially critical because of the huge number of children who are developing type 2 diabetes. It wasn't all that long ago that type 2 diabetes in children was really quite rare. Diabetes can take 10-15 years to develop when there is poor diabetic control in a person's life.

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