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by Alisa Princy (2020-02-19)

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Type 2 diabetes is not a StrictionBP Review condition you must just live with. You can take control of the disease and take back your health. Developing Gestational diabetes does not have to mean you develop Type 2 diabetes. Using a blood glucose meter to help regulate your blood sugar is essential, but the readings are only helpful if the meter is in good working order. If not, then the user risks ending up with erroneous information which could potentially cause them even more problems. In the second apart of this two-part series, we give advice on how to properly maintain your blood glucose meter: Be aware of what different readings indicate. A meter is useless if you don't understand what it is it is trying to tell you. It serves no purpose if you don't have a full understanding of what it is you need to strive for as far as optimal readings are concerned. Talk to your doctor to find out what your specific readings should be and what you can do to achieve them. One point to remember: when you take a blood test, it will reflect your blood sugar level at that moment. The level can go up or down very quickly, and you may have a very different reading 15 minutes later. Always have spare batteries on hand. Nothing is worse than needing to use your glucose meter, and finding out the batteries are dead and then realizing you don't have any replacements. Make sure you have extra batteries on hand so you don't end up with a meter you can't use when you need it. And it's always a good idea to make sure your replacement batteries are in date, too. Make sure you have the right test strips. Although there are a few exceptions most of these strips are unfortunately not interchangeable between different makes and models. In order for your meter to perform accurately you need to have the specific test strips for that model. Make sure the test strips are in date. These strips come with an expiration date: if you have strips that are past their date of use you should dispose of them and purchase new ones. Ensure the test strips have been stored correctly. A dirty test strip can cause an error in the reading your blood sample. It's best to keep test strips in a clean container until you are ready to use them. Some models of meters even come with a storage compartment built right into the meter for convenience.

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