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by Alisa Princy (2020-02-19)

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When dining out, diabetics StrictionD Review must know the answers to two questions: What foods are okay to eat? What is the correct portion amount? These two questions are paramount to controlling one's blood sugar levels. It is best for those newly diagnosed to map out a dietary plan with their physicians; however, straying away from the plan now and then is expected. Up until a few years ago, restaurants did not provide nutritional information for their dishes. However, with more restaurants garnering criticism over their lack of healthy food options, they are beginning to list the amount of calories, fat, carbohydrates, and etc. on their menus. This will not only allow diabetics to make conscientious decisions, but anyone who is concerned about his/her health. Fortunately, because of a bill passed in 2010, large restaurant chains are required to list nutritional information on menus and packages. Although this law places responsibility on every chain restaurant in America, smaller, locally owned restaurants are not required to list any nutritional information. For this reason, it is important to have a few guidelines for yourself before entering one of these restaurants. Arguably, breakfast is the trickiest meal of the day because if you do not choose carefully you could max out on your designated amount of carbohydrates for the day. In addition to a plethora of carbs, some breakfast foods are full of saturated and trans fats. This combination could be detrimental to your glucose levels. Rather than ordering a regular waffle, choose the healthier alternative of a whole wheat waffle. You can do the same for pancakes. Whole wheat is more heart healthy than white flour. When in doubt go with wheat. When ordering eggs ask for egg whites only, a typical order of eggs is accompanied by unhealthy fats. Choose turkey bacon instead of pork bacon. Turkey is a much leaner meat than pork. If you want to sweeten your oatmeal then add a few sprinkles of cinnamon.

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