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"reignafancy" (2020-02-19)

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One of the biggest problems that diabetics StrictionD Review encounter with test strips is not getting enough blood for the sample. I have had this problem before because I have sensitive skin and I try to adjust my pricker to the lowest level possible. This way, I get the blood needed for the reading with minimal pain. I just don't like having to poke myself, its a pet peeve of mine. So, I often don't get enough blood on the strip to get a reading. When this happens, an error will occur on the glucose monitor and you will have to go through the whole process again. I would just sigh, throw the thing away and then get another one. No big deal right? Wrong. I did the math myself and found out how much money I was actually wasting. Most of these little things come in packs of fifty for somewhere between thirty and forty dollars. When you do the math it comes out to about. 70 cents per strip. That is a lot of money to be just throwing away. On average, I usually mess up and have to throw away about three to four test strips per bottle. So I end up wasting some precious money on diabetic testing supplies.Many companies have come out with newer testing supplies that require smaller amounts of blood in order to get an accurate reading. To name a few, the Ascensia test strip brands like the elite are supposed to require less blood in order to get a reading on your glucose meter. Another newer brand is the freestyle test strip.

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