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The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-21)

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In my practice, when dealing The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review with patients diagnosed with high cholesterol, I find it very important to identify why cholesterol is elevated in the first place. Many people do not know that 75 percent of cholesterol in our body is actually produced by our liver. Only 25 percent comes from our diet. So why does our liver produce more cholesterol? Is the body really producing something that is harmful to itself? The answer is actually quite simple. Cholesterol is produced by our body as a defensive response to oxidative stresses from things like chronic infections, toxicity, stress and anxiety. These are some of the true causes of elevated cholesterol levels. In order to protect us, our bodies are simply responding to these stressors by producing cholesterol. Thus cholesterol is actually good and essential to our health. Some of cholesterol's healthy attributes include its anti-oxidant and cell membrane-calming properties, as well as its ability to aid in the production of some hormones and vitamin D. What about Eastern Medicine's philosophy on the cardiovascular system? In previous newsletters I've mentioned that the Eastern concept of a healthy cardiovascular system requires a balance in three key energies: spleen energy (endothelium or lining of the blood vessels), liver energy (smooth muscle layer of the blood vessels) and the kidney energy (important for the function of blood vessels and the contractile energy of the heart). Any activity that encourages these organ energy balances would best support the maintenance of the heart and healthy cholesterol levels. So whether you consider heart disease to be due to oxidative stress, cell membrane dysfunction or Eastern energy imbalance, the body's response is always to secrete more protective cholesterol - it's a natural response to cardiovascular disorders.

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