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Secret Death Touches

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-21)

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Your personal strengths and Secret Death Touches Review weaknesses are equally as important. Pepper spray can be sprayed from great distances. With the newest technology personal protection sprays can reach upwards of 10 feet or more. It may be easier for you to spray an attacker than to actually have to jab them with a stun gun. Are you prepared to do that, or for the physical confrontation that comes with it? Your choice in clothing should also enter into this equation also. Do you wear skin tight clothes? Where would you plan to carry your stun gun and have it readily accessible when needed? Where you are going to carry your personal defense weapon is a very important factor. Although both devices come in disguised models, pepper spray far surpasses stun guns when it comes to discreet easy to carry models. Many pepper sprays come complete with key chains making them always available. In reality both stun guns and pepper spray would be a great choice for personal protection but the ultimate choice will be up to you. A final thought would be to combine the two devices and carry your pepper spray with you at all times and have your stun gun available as either a back up method of defense or in your vehicle or home. Self-defense is one of the most commonly regarded human rights in the world. Even totalitarian regimes that have no human rights for their citizens recognize the right of their state to defend themselves. The right to self-defense precedes biblical times. Over time the methods used for self-defense have become more lethal. Handguns are so common anymore, you see them everywhere. Of course police officers carry handguns. But even they recognize using a handgun stop someone for speeding is not a good alternative. Law enforcement agencies around the country use what is called the "continuum of force" in their day-to-day apprehension of criminals.

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