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Secret Death Touches

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-21)

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One report or article Secret Death Touches Review recently stated a 15% increase in sales for lethal and non-lethal weapons is due solely to the women in our country. Among the most popular and effective non-lethal tool is the Taser, and specifically the Taser C2, which comes in a variety of fashionable colors, wooing the ladies. Nothing like a color suited for females to give them the impression"this tasers for me" concept. Besides the look, the feel is designed for women too. The shape is slightly bent or curved and feels comfortable when carrying. Nothing clunky or clumsy about this Taser. It's light weight, weighing about 6 oz, and about the over all size of a cell phone. Worried about hitting your target? No need, the Taser C2 has a built-in red beam laser light, which aids in you're aiming capabilities. Hit your opponent anywhere from head to toe and they will be disabled. The Taser C2 is the most effective woman's self-defense tool ever. Once the electronic muscular disruption probes hit the attacker, the Taser will continue to deliver a powerful electric shock for a full 30 seconds. Go,girl, go, run to a safe location and then call the cops to pick this creep up. Forget the Taser, leave it! The company, Taser International, will replace your weapon for free! Simply send in a copy of the police report and wait for your new weapon to arrive. The Taser C2 is two weapons for the price of one because you can fire from 15 feet away but if there is a likely second villain, use it as a stun gun. To use this as a stun gun you must be in close contact with your attacker. A non-lethal weapon such as this, gives you the control needed to stay safe and secure, but more importantly for women who are care givers and nurtures, you won't think twice about firing this weapon. Not only is your target area larger to incapacitate your enemy, you won't be distressed over the thought of killing someone. Carrying a gun is an option, but you have to be certain you will pull the trigger even if your life is threatened.

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