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"reignafancy" (2020-02-22)

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The same can be said to increased thirst. Diabetes Freedom Review When a person has the need to urinate, because the body wants to get rid of some glucose, then obviously dehydration can happen, causing thirst. The body needs water to survive and thirst is the best way to force a person to drink. This is another thing you should look out for.Rapid and extreme weight loss can be another symptom of juvenile diabetes. The food you eat will be eventually broken down to glucose, which the cells can use. But when a person has diabetes, then a lot of the glucose that is in the bloodstream, will be flushed away with urine. Therefore the body has to find other sources of energy, such as muscle tissue, fat deposits etc. Weight loss certainly is one of the signs and symptoms of juvenile diabetes. Since a person suffering from juvenile diabetes is unable to eat a large part of the food, that he/she eats, then constant hunger can be a real sign. The child can eat a lot of food but still lose weight. All of these things cause general tiredness as well. Pay attention and if you notice just one of these signs and symptoms of juvenile diabetes, then you may have nothing to worry about. But if you see more than one symptom and a general pattern, then you should go to a doctor.

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