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Nucentix Blood Sugar GS-85

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-22)

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This secret ties in with the Nucentix Blood Sugar GS-85 Review first, and is simply to reduce the amount of sugar that you have in your food and drink. You can replace sugar with a substitute in your tea and coffee... Stevia is a natural herb several times sweeter than sugar and is often used as a sugar substitute by diabetics. Lots of products vary in sugar content depending on the manufacturer, so It is wise for you to use your discretion in choosing which ones are best for you: soft drinks, juices and cordials vary in sugar content too... remember drinking one glass of fruit juice is equal to eating several pieces of fruit and contains natural sugar most drinks have a diet or sugar substitute product that you can choose You can even buy sugar free candy and chocolate... so you don't have to feel as though you are deprived of all the goodies you were eating prior to your type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Secret No. 3: is to completely cut some of the products high in sugar (high-GI) from your eating plan. Sugary confectionery, cakes, sweet biscuits and other foods made from processed ingredients can be put aside. Most pre-packaged and takeaway meals are high in sugar and fat... to appeal to your taste buds and encourage you to come back and buy more. Secret No. 4: Many diabetics have a "sweet tooth" and like to have a piece of candy to suck on. Sucking candy often helps to relieve the feeling of a dry mouth... substituting candy with sugarless mints or chewing gum should relieve this situation and help stabilize your blood sugar levels. There are two significant events that take place when glucose remains above 140 mg/dl over extended periods of time. The first event is the formation of advanced glycated end products, also known as AGEs, and the second event is oxidation. Have you ever looked at a freshly baked turkey and noticed how the skin has turned a golden brown and become stiff and crispy? Well that is an example of glucose combining with protein in an oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, to form advanced glycated end products.

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